Adley McBride - Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height, Bio, Family, Career (2024)

Adley McBride is a young American social media personality. Adley McBride is primarily a YouTube content creator who has her own channel at such a young age. She also frequently appears on her parents’ YouTube channel and other social media accounts.

What is the net worth of Adley McBride?

Moving on, The net worth of Adley McBride is estimated to be $19 million. Adley has published over 300 videos, totaling over 2.3 billion views. She publishes 13 new videos on average per month, resulting in 13 million video views and 8.2k new subscribers per day. She has achieved enormous fame and fortune at a young age.

Parents of Adley McBride

Adley McBride - Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height, Bio, Family, Career (1)

Adley McBride was born on August 6, 2015, and she is now 5 years old. Her zodiac sign is Leo, and she was born in Utah, USA. Similarly, her full name is Adley May McBride. When it comes to her family, her mother Jenny McBride and father Shaun McBride are the parents to look out for. Her parents are both social media celebrities, with her father becoming more well-known under the online alias “Shonduras.” Adley also has a brother named Niko Bear McBride. All of the family members can be seen on their “Shonduras” YouTube channel. Adley McBride graduated from pre-school in mid-May 2020, at such a young age.

She also enjoys swimming, pretending, playing with toys, and anything unicorn or mermaid. Adley strives to make every day the best day ever with her friends and family. Similarly, she enjoys coming up with creative video ideas and filming them with Mom and Dad, as well as her younger brother Niko Bear.

Personal Life:

Adley McBride is clearly single at such a young age. She will, however, attract many lovers in the future due to her beauty, talent, and sense of humour. Shaun and Jenny married on June 12, 2010, according to her parents’ relationship details. They recently marked their tenth wedding anniversary. Furthermore, Adley’s parents have been married for a long time. They even graduated from college and traveled together before settling down. When it comes to their children, Adley was born on August 6, 2015, and her brother Niko Bear was born on June 8, 2018. The McBride family is eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new member!

Body Measurement:

Adley McBride’s body measurements are not available at this time. Adley’s height, weight, dress size, shoe size, chest-waist-hip measurements, and other personal information are currently unavailable. Nonetheless, because Adley is still a young child, her body measurement stats will continue to change for many years to come. Adley McBride is still in the process of development and growth, so her body measurement data will be changing for a long time. Similarly, Adley McBride has stunning blue eyes and auburn hair.

Career line of Adley McBride

  • Professional, the little toddler is a YouTube sensation. She also has her own Instagram account, which has over 50,000 followers, and she appears on her parents’ YouTube channel. Similarly, her parents posted Adley’s first Instagram photo on her account just over three weeks after she was born.
  • Adley can also be seen in videos such as “Baby Trapped Inside Airplane for 6 Hours!!” and “Baby Gets WAY Excited!!” on her father’s YouTube channel “Shonduras.” Her family also has several wiener dogs, which are frequently featured on her father’s social media accounts.
  • Adley’s mother Jenny is a part-time Ultrasound technician who also appears frequently on the family YouTube channel “Shonduras” as part of the Best Day Ever series. Jenny also played competitive softball for Weber State University and graduated with a degree in radiology.
  • Jenny is also a skilled snowboarder, and she enjoys pranking and scaring her husband and friends. Adley’s family has spent time with Ellie Mecham from the “Jared and Ellie” YouTube channel, as well as collaborated with Casey Neistat and Devin Supertramp, among others.
  • Adley’s father is also well-known as “Shonduras,” and he rose to prominence through Snapchat. He later began using YouTube. Shaun is best known on Snapchat for his finger drawings. Shaun reached one million subscribers on his YouTube channel on March 12, 2017.
  • Furthermore, Shonduras uses the Snapchat app to create engaging stories and creative works of art. He also has great interactions with his fans on the aforementioned photo-sharing app and on Twitter. Adley’s father also won the “Snapchat Storyteller” award at the 2016 Streamy Awards.
  • Shaun was also a professional skateboarder who enjoyed traveling and trying new things. He also runs his own esports organization, Spacestation Gaming. Shaun uses this to stream video games. Similarly, he and his wife and family post daily adventure videos on the YouTube channel “Shonduras.”
  • Then, in 2018, Shaun became one of the featured Snapchat Storytellers through a product released to help connect brands with content creators.

Quick Facts about Adley McBride

Real NameAdley McBride
Age6 years
Date Of BirthAugust 6, 2015
Birth PlaceUnited States
Zodiac SignLeo
BrotherNiko Bear
MotherJenny McBride
Estimated Net Worth in 2022 (Approx)$19 million

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Adley McBride - Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height, Bio, Family, Career (2024)


What is the McBride family's net worth? ›

Estimated minimum net worth: $90 million.

What is Adley's last name? ›

Adley May McBride (@adleymcbride) • Instagram photos and videos.

Is the McBride family Mormon? ›

He also held other leadership positions in the LDS Church and was elected to the territorial legislature. The McBride Family were originally Quakers from New York. Like the Dames, the family also participated in the Mormon migration and were active church members.

What heritage is the McBride family? ›

The name originated in County Donegal in Ireland and later moved to Kintyre Peninsula in Scotland. The name signifies a devotee of the Irish saint Brigid of Kildare. It is a Sept of the Ui Brolchainn Clan of the Cenél nEógain, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages.

Who is Adley Kinsman? ›

Adley is one of the most-viewed female producers & content suppliers in Facebook history, continuously averaging over 1 billion monthly views.

What nationality is McBride? ›

Mcbride Surname Meaning

Irish (northern) and Scottish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Brighde a shortened form of Irish Mac Giolla Bhrighde and Scottish Gaelic Mac Gille Brighde 'son of the servant of (Saint) Brigit'.

What ethnicity is Adley? ›

The majority of people with the Adley surname identified as White, though this percentage slightly decreased from 69.49% in 2000 to 67.06% in 2010. There was a slight increase in the proportion of individuals with the Adley surname who identified as Black, growing from 23.11% to 23.26%.

Who is adley married to? ›

Viral stars Adley and her fiancé Blake Kinsman have decided to show up to their wedding day, having not planned one single detail!

What clan does McBride belong to? ›

The family of MacBride, (from Saint Bride or Brigid) were a sept of the MacDonalds.

How rich is Danny McBride? ›

Danny McBride Net Worth $25 Million
Net Worth$25 Million
Date Of BirthDecember 29, 1976
Place Of BirthStatesboro, Georgia, United States
Height5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
ProfessionActor, Stand-up comedian, Television producer, Screenwriter, Film Producer, Writer, Comedian
5 more rows
May 30, 2024


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