Poppin' Valentine's Day Classroom Decor - Ashley McKenzie (2024)

Are you looking to transform your classroom into a festive and love-filled space this February? With Valentine’s Day and Random Acts of Kindness Week right around the corner, it’s a great time to dive into February decor ideas. If you’re looking to create a vibe that’s both cheerful and sweet, I have the perfect theme for you: Valentine POP! This delightful theme features bright colors, playful designs, and irresistable candy ring pops. Choose Valentine’s Day classroom decor that will charm your students all month long! Plus, grab the FREE Valentine Pop cards later in this blog post to share with your students this year!

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It’s never been easier to make your classroom a vibrant haven of love and learning. Let’s explore how to use multiple matching decor kits to achieve a cohesive and eye-catching Valentine Pop theme. From bulletin board displays to classroom posters, bulletin board letters, and even Google Slides templates. This theme has you covered!

Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Kit

Start your Valentine’s Day classroom decor transformation with the focal point of your room: the bulletin board. Choose decor that includes a variety of eye-catching elements, such as oversized ring pops, heart shaped lollipops, and colorful borders. This display will be the centerpiece, setting the tone for the entire decor scheme.

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This Valentine Pop Bulletin Board Kit has you covered with 3 sayings to choose from, a variety of on-theme decor pieces, banners, borders, and hearts for student names. It even includes a writing activity to engage your students, helping them take part in the display! Encourage your students to intentionally observe their classmates being kind. Then they can share what they observed on the included heart-shaped writing template. This is a great activity to spread positivity and foster kindness among students all month long!

And be sure to check out these practical tips for decorating your bulletin boards, including how to double layer your borders, the best way to center your lettering, and more!

Valentine Pop Classroom Posters

Classroom posters are an excellent way to tie your seasonal theme throughout your classroom. With posters, you can just print them out and quickly hang them for the easiest display option around. But there are so many ways to use posters throughout your space! Print them each as a full page size to decorate a bulletin board or hallway display. Shrink them down to half size and display them in cute picture frames around your room, on top of bookshelves, your desk area, etc. Or enlarge them during printing to create stunning wall displays! So many options.

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However you choose to use them, be sure that the classroom posters you use coordinate with your overall Valentine’s Day classroom decor theme. Align the color palette and design elements of your classroom posters with your bulletin board displays to carry the theme throughout your space. Use posters that share uplifting, kindness or love themed messages. Like these Valentine Pop Classroom Posters! This set includes 8 posters plus matching borders for your display. There’s even a text editable file included of the poster designs so you can create your own sayings if you’d like.

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Valentine Themed A-Z Bulletin Board Letters

To add a personalized touch to your Valentine Pop theme, use bulletin board letters that complement the look of your decor. Choose bright and bold letters with fun patterns, like these Valentine Pop Bulletin Board Letters. These come in 2 font styles – a playful font and a more primary-friendly font option. Each set includes A-Z letters in both upper and lower case, numbers 0-9, and punctuation so you can create completely custom sayings!

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Place these letters throughout your classroom! On your bulletin boards, walls, or even your classroom door. Check out even more fun and creative ways to use seasonal bulletin board letters in your classroom!

Valentine’s Day Themed Google Slides Templates

Carry your theme over into your digital space as well! Create visually stunning presentations that align with the vibrant colors and playful elements of the decor in your classroom. Whether you’re introducing a new lesson, reviewing material, or showcasing student work, these Valentine Pop Google Slides Templates will tie everything together seamlessly.

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Free Valentine’s Day Cards

Now it’s time to grab these FREE Valentine’s Day cards for your students! Print them for each of your students and personalize them with their names. You could even give each one a ring pop to carry on the theme!

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Valentine’s Day Classroom Decor

Take your Valentine’s Day classroom decor to the next level with this vibrant and poppin’ theme! Grab the complete Valentine Pop Bulletin Board Bundle to get all 5 matching resources! It’s available in both my TPT shop and my website store. Or you can shop each item individually.

Have a poppin’ Valentine’s Day!

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Poppin' Valentine's Day Classroom Decor - Ashley McKenzie (2024)


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