25 Fun Valentine's Day Classroom Ideas - Appletastic Learning (2024)

Looking for some fun Valentine’s Day classroom ideas? The search is over! Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for teachers to bring some extra fun and excitement into their classrooms. Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s Day classroom activities, creative ideas for decorating your classroom, or just want to get your students in the spirit of kindness and love, there are plenty of ways to make this special day memorable.

From arts and crafts projects that show off student talent to festive games that will have everyone laughing and having a good time, these 25 fun Valentine’s Day classroom ideas are sure to add some joy and cheer into any learning environment. So grab your supplies and get ready for some Valentine-themed fun!

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25 Fun Valentine’s Day Classroom Ideas

1. Valentine’s Day Card Exchange – Have students create homemade cards for one another and exchange them in the classroom.

2. Love Letter Scavenger Hunt – Hide love letters (L.O.V.E.) around the room and have teams try to find them all first!

3. Valentine’s Day Book Reading – Follow up a story with related activities like making hearts or painting pictures. Some favorite read-alouds include In My Heart: A Book of Feelings, The Love Letter, and A Wrinkled Heart.

4. Valentine’s Day Arts & Crafts Projects – Have students work together on an art project, such as creating heart-shaped paper chains or decorations.

5. Color by Code – Print out these Valentine’s Day parts of speech color by code worksheets for students to color while they listen to relaxing music!

6. Design Your Own Candy Heart Messages – Let kids come up with their own funny messages for personalized candy hearts.

7. Valentine’s Bingo – Put a spin on traditional bingo by using fun images instead of numbers.

8. Musical Hearts – Create a game similar to musical chairs but use cutout hearts instead.

9. Make Valentines For Friends & Family– Spend some time helping each other craft heartfelt gifts they can share with loved ones at home.

10. Create a New Candy – In this Bite-Sized PBL unit, students will have the opportunity to rescue a failing candy company by creating and advertising a brand-new Valentine’s Day candy.

11. Valentine’s Day Movie Screening – Pick an age-appropriate movie to show and have a discussion afterwards.

12. Valentine’s Day Memory Game – Have students pair up cards with similar images or messages in the fastest time possible.

13. Create Your Own Valentines – Let each student design their own unique valentine cards using art supplies like markers, crayons, glitter, etc.

14. Conversation Hearts Math – Give everyone a small box of Conversation Hearts and have them find the amount, fraction, percentage, and decimal number of each color of candy in the box. You can use the printable worksheet included in this Valentine’s Day Math and Reading Packet!

15. Cookie Decorating Competition – Hold a contest to see who can create the most creative cookies for Valentine’s day!

16. Valentine’s Day Photobooth – Set up a fun photobooth in the classroom for an extra dose of festive cheer.

17. Valentine’s Day Scrapbooking – Have students create their own scrapbooks that showcase all their favorite memories from class.

18. Valentine’s Day Dance Party– Put on some music and have a dance party to show off each student’s moves!

19. Valentine’s Day Pennant Banner – Print out a mini pennant banner for your students, have them color and make the project, and then display it on the front of their desks! You can find the printable banners inside this Valentine’s Day Activity Packet.

20. A Classroom Valentines Exchange – Pass out valentines cards to all students so everyone can give and receive love and kindness this holiday!

21. Valentine’s Day Storytelling – Have students take turns telling stories based on Valentine’s Day themes.

22. Valentine’s Board Game Tournament – Play some classic board games with a Valentine’s twist!

23. Have a Word Search Race – Work in pairs to see who can find all the Valentine’s related words in the word search found in this Valentine’s Day Activity Packet.

24. Guess the Love Song Challenge – See who can guess the most love songs (Disney movie theme songs are a good place to start) in two minutes or less.

25. Red, Pink & White Scavenger Hunt – Hide red, pink and white items around the room for kids to find!

Valentine’s Day is a great time to have fun and share love in the classroom. With these 25 fun Valentine’s Day classroom ideas, you can help your students express their creativity while learning about this special holiday. From card exchanges to scavenger hunts or even making cookies together, there are plenty of fun Valentine’s Day classroom ideas for everyone in the class to join in on the festive spirit!


25 Fun Valentine's Day Classroom Ideas - Appletastic Learning (2024)


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