The Hellhound, Lincoln Loud (Helluva Boss AU) - Chapter 11: Revenge - Page 4 (2024)


Mayberry: I'm sorry for wetting your shirt and cry on shoulder without your permission.

Lincoln: *caress her cheek* It's not an issue at all. Everyoneneed a shoulder to cry on once a while but in your case, you really need to let it all out.

Mayberry: *sad smile* Thank you, Mr. Shadow. I appreciate it.

Lincoln: Call me Lincoln and drop the Mr. as I'm only 19 years old this year.

Mayberry: *shocked* What? You're 19 years old? You look... you look...

Lincoln: More mature than you thought?

Mayberry: *nod her head* How did you end up in here?

Lincoln: That would be a secret but the only thing I can say is... my story is the same as yours. Being cheated by a family that thought they love you no matter what.

This time, it's Mayberry's turn to caress his cheek.

Mayberry: *concern* I'm sorry for bringing up your bad memory. I didn't know.

Lincoln: *sad smile* It's alright. Everyone has a secret of their own.

Both of them stare at each other's eye in silence until Mrs. Mayberry unconsciously makes the first moves by kissing Lincoln on the lips which Lincoln surprised at first but he accepts the action and return the kiss.

Meanwhile, at the receiption room

We can see Moxxie who is holding a black and red crossbow in his hands. In front of him is a picture of a smiling family. A father, a mother, a baby and two children. His arms are shaking as the pointer hovers around the man's crotch area.

Millie:Moxxie, stop shakin'! You're gonna shoot our only hellhound! *points at Loona*

Loona right now is lying on a gray couch and holds up the family picture in one hand and her phone in the other with a tired expression on her face.

Loona: *sarcastic deadpan* Wow. I feel soooo loved here.

Millie: Just take a deep breath, *inhales* and let it out!

Moxxie: But... it's a family! Under what circ*mstances would we ever need to kill a human family?

Millie: I mean, if that's what the client wants.

Moxxie: Maybe like a sh*tty dad. Or a mob family. *speaks in a stereotypical Italian accent* That's understandable. *speaks normally*But to eradicate an entire innocent seemingly, in this instance, upper middle class family bloodline?

Loona, who is annoyed with Moxxie's nonsense talk, looks at the picture as she thinks for a moment.

Loona: Hey! You don't know they're innocent! *points to the boy* This kid probably sets dogs on fire, *points to the girl* maybe this girl gets off to bullying Australian kids online, *points to the father* and this guy... This guy definitely watches.

Millie: Exactly! Humans are full of secret nasties. It's why so many of them end up here.

Moxxie: But... what about Lincoln? Are you telling me he's the same as them since he's a Sinnersas well?

Millie: *scoff* Lincoln is different than the rest of them. Guilty and innocent aren't our business, Mox. *cups Moxxie's cheeks* Killin' who we're paid to is our business. Shoot the target. *kisses him*

With Millie's encouragement, Moxxie raise and aims his crossbow towards the picture.

Moxxie: I just think it's a bit excessive, and we could be a bit more selective, is all.


A startled Moxxie accidentally fires his arrow and it ricochets around the room. Millie jumps into Moxxie's arms as the arrow hits a computer. The arrow then flies and creates a hole in the family picture that a stunned Loona is holding. The arrow hits the bottom of a tank with eels and the tank starts to wobble dangerously. Suddenly, something or someone catches the arrow with one hand or in this case paw and it's none other than Lincoln himself.

Lincoln: What's going on in here? Why is there an arrow flying around the room?

Moxxie: Umm... well... We can explain.

Before Moxxie could say anything, Lincoln immediately rush towards the eel tank and stops it from falling down. He carefully look at the table and notices one of the leg a bit crooked so Lincoln turn around and asks them something.

Lincoln: Can I get a glue or something in here before this eel going to burn down this building?

Moxxie immediately search for the glue which he found it and pass it to Lincoln which Lincoln immediately open it and spread it around the crooked part to ensure it would not fall in the near future. Lincoln stand up and look around the room and notices a lot of shot marks from the arrow's richocet.

Lincoln: Make sure to patch them whoever did this.

Moxxie: I'll handle that.

Millie turns her head and notices Mrs. Mayberry standing at the door with a shocked expression on her face.

Millie: *points at Mrs. Mayberry* Who is she? A client or something?

Lincoln: That's correct, Millie. Her name is Mrs. Eleanor Mayberry but you can call her Mrs. Mayberry. I already discuss business with her and she has a target for us. Pack your things and ready to kill some human.

Millie wants to continue with the topic until she notices a lipstick marks on Lincoln's neck. She then look at Mrs. Mayberry's lipstick and notices it has the same shade just like on Lincoln's neck. Millie then concluded the situation before she let out a sly smile on her face.

Millie: *sarcastic tone* I see... Business, huh? More like personal if you ask me.

Every demon except Lincoln and Mrs. Mayberry confused by Millie's word. Lincoln let out a cough before continue with his business persona not noticing the blushing on his cheek but one demon notices and it's none other than Loona herself.

Loona: What did she meant by that and why is Lincoln blushing about?

Lincoln: Anyway... she will not pay for our service since I'm the one who will cover for it.

Blitzo: *slam the door* Did I hear free services? Who the f*ck said that?

Lincoln: I said and I quote "I will cover for it" which means I will pay for her services.

Blitzo: Our policy said we never pay for our client's services.

Lincoln: *raise eyebrow* Do you really want to play by the rules with me, Blitzo? You do realizes the one who handle financial in this place are both me and Moxxie which means I can easily bankrupt this company and you can't do anything about it.

Blitzo: *gulp* Well...

Lincoln: *ignore Blitzo* Anyway... like I said before, pack up your things and ready to hunt. *pull out a file* Moxxie, this is our target. Do not mess this up and stay safe up there.

Moxxie: You got it.

Lincoln: *look at Mrs. Mayberry* Do you have a place to live at?

Mayberry: I don't. I hope I can grab a cab and search an empty room in this place.

Lincoln: *smile* Wonderful. I have the perfect place for you. *pull out pamphlet from his suit's pocket* I recommend you this place. This place is perfect for someone like you. You can trust me.

Mayberry: *take the pamphlet and read it* The Happy Hotel?

We finally reach the first episode of the Helluva Boss. Unlike my first account, I wanted to keep a short story and easy for the readers to enjoy but after a few years, I thought that this story is too short and readers would be bored by it so I decides to add a few original chapters of mine while keep mainting the episode chapter. Like I said in the previous chapter, Lincoln will meet a certain Morningstar but his time for the meeting shall come for sure. That's all from me. Stay tuned for more! This is Ant1z0Ne. Peace out.

The Hellhound, Lincoln Loud (Helluva Boss AU) - Chapter 11: Revenge - Page 4 (2024)


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