The Demon Mates - Chapter 23: Asmodeus and Fizzarolli - Page 4 (2024)


Asmodeus stops Moxxie from spinning before flicking him to the ground. Millie jumps out of her seat as Trixy shoots up, hissing for someone to kill her so she can kick this f*cker's ass for disrespecting her friends.

Here, we sing about wants and desires.

"Depravity, savagery, and loins hotter than fire!" Fizzarolli sings, grabbing the cage with the dancer that representseach one with his hands, his legs holding Moxxie. He holds up a marshmallow, letting a demon set it on fire for him, then he eats it.

So, give me a thrust!

Show me some Lu-u-u-ust!

From the groin to the bust!

Little Imp, you must, in the House of Asmodeus!

So, come on, sing us a so-o-o-ong!

Asmodeus sings as he grabs a pole before spinning and dancing on it while Fizzarolli throws money onto the stage at his feet.

Make sure the subjectis getting it on!

Make it graphic and tantrically long!

"Be sure to rhyme thong and schlong!" Fizzarolli sings as he stands next to Moxxie, a book in his hand with glasses on his face.

Go ahead, your micson!

Asmodeus shoves the mic in front of Moxxie as Fizzarolli shove his guitar into his hands. Moxxie takes a deep breath before continuing to strum his guitar like before.

I want to...

"Yeah, what do you want? Butt stuff? Piss play? Bondage?" Fizzarolli asks, pulling Moxxie into his side as him and his master lean in to listen to his deepest desires.

To make gentle love to you.

This makes Fizzarolli and Asmodeus groan in disappointment, not happy with the sweet vibe Moxxie is making to his wife. Millie loves the sweet love that her husband makes to her, so the fact they're dissing him makes her more pissed off than anything else.

What a limp-dick Imp!

You're really killing the vibe!

Get a load of this dweeb and his unsatisfied bride!

"Hey!" Trixy snaps, fed up with the utter bullsh*t and mockery they're making of her friends. "I have you know that Millie f*cking loves her goddamn husband and his loving, sweet heart!"

"Yeah! I've watched those two pork many times-"

"What?! Blitzo!" Trixy and Moxxie both shout at him, looking at him like he's crazy. Moxxie loved how Trixy had stood up for him and Millie's love for him, but then Blitzo had to go ruin it.

"And, honestly, they make missionary and being mates look...relatively exciting!" Blitzo says with a smile, looking over at his own two mates. Trixy smiles at him, her anger disappearing at how Blitzo just said being with them could be exciting. Stolas looks horrified that he'd bring the attention over to their table even if Trixy had started it.

"Is that Blitzo?" Fizzarolli asks, and Trixy scowls at the f*cking clown as Blitzo winces. Not what he'd wanted. "So, you're showing your face? Hey, everybody! This guy's a total disgrace! Some nerve you've got to comment on a relationship. Last I checked your love life's a pile of sh*t!"

Fizzarolli gets in Blitzo's face and quickly launches back to the stage to avoid the black heel to the eye. Trixy is twitching and literally seconds from stabbing the literal f*ck out of this clown. Stolas is doing his best to calm her down, and honestly, if it wasn't for him, she'd already be on the stage killing the clown.

"Oh, Blitzo? We used to date." Verosika says from behind them, and Trixy's eyes start to see red as she dances around on tables, sexually moving her body around. "I'd stroke and I'd fella*te him. Yeah, but when it was my turn, he did no reciprocating."

Verosika ducks around Trixy and gets in Blitzo's face, shoving him towards the stage.

"A selfish Imp in the sheets!" Verosika sings before her head snaps to the side as Trixy punches the bitch in the jaw. Verosika stumbles to the side as Trixy glares daggers at the she-demon.

"Put your hands on my Daddy again, and I'll do more than a punch." Trixy hisses at Verosika, who glares at the girl as she holds her bruised face. Verosika doesn't do anything at the sight of an angry prince behind the girl, and she rushes off with her tail basically between her legs.

"Whoa, who's that at your table? Is your date a demon prince and a human?" Asmodeus asks Blitzo, and Fizzarolli rolls over to the two. Stolas has to keep Trixy's arms in a tight grip, so she doesn't flat out shred the clown as he shoves his binoculars into their faces. "Stolas, is that you?"

"Are you sleeping with an Imp and human?!" Wally Wackford asks, ready to burst out laughing at the sight. However, a guitar goes flying across the club, smashing into Wally's face and knocking him out. Moxxie stands on the stage, rather satisfied at how he defended his best friend, boss, and prince.

Woo! My dark lord, how the mighty do fall.

You used to have a smoking hot wife, a kid, you had it all!

Asmodeus makes his way over to Stolas, and grabs Trixy. She bites him hard on the hand, making him tosses her at Blitzo, who catches her before her head could bash off the wall of the stage. The whole gang of I.M.P hisses and growls at Asmodeus.

He, however, ignores them as he forces Stolas into his chair, creating illusions of Stella and Octavia on each side of him. What Asmodeus didn't know was that Stella had been abusing the poor prince for years, and that Octavia actually adores Trixy compared to her own mother. The girl is still slowly accepting Blitzo, but it's hard to do when the Imp doesn't actually talk with the girl.

I hope you didn't give it up, so you and them could get it on

Fizzarolli forces Blitzo into his seat, but Trixy takes a swing at him as he tries to grab her. She can make it to her own f*cking seat, thank you very much. However, the three of them look at each other in awkwardness since their date is now basically ruined because of Asmodeus and his f*cked-up clown reject.

Not like it was going great to begin with, but it was a hell of a lot better than this.

You sold your life for a thrust!

Now, that's the spirit of Lu-u-ust!

Grab your groin or a bust!

Prepare to get your hair mussed!

Hump 'til your junk turns to dust!

In the House of Asmode-

"SHUT THE f*ck UP YOU TWO-BIT CLOWN REJECT!!" Trixy shouts, whipping her chair across the club. It crashes into Fizzarolli, making his clothes and limbs break as Millie thanks her. The small Imp had asked her to shut the two idiots up, and that worked.

"I think you were trying to sing me something, Mox." Millie says, handing Moxxie his guitar as they both ignore the slight blood splat on it. Trixy furrows her brows as she watches Asmodeus lift Fizzarolli up with a mixed look of worry, concern, and panic. It finally hits her that they're mates, but since Asmodeus is the King of Lust, he can't be seen falling in love.

It sort of makes her hate the clown less, and part of her actually starts to feel bad for hitting him her chair. They were all soon kicked out because of that.

The Demon Mates - Chapter 23: Asmodeus and Fizzarolli - Page 4 (2024)


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