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Re-Logic’s Terraria contains thousands of items, some of which are extremely difficult to obtain. What the rarest items in the sandbox game?

One of the best things about Terraria is how much stuff there is and the remarkable things players can do with them. With over 4000 items, players will be discovering new things constantly. These items can be wondrous, destructive, or alluring additions to a player’s wide assortment of stuff. While many of these items are notably common, others stand out as rarities with only the slightest chance of appearing.

Quite a few items in Terrariaare challenging to get, often requiring players to kill huge bosses, but others are so rare that they have less than a 0.1% chance of being obtained. Players may expend significant amounts of time and effort to discover these items, yet to no avail. While this is frustrating, most of them are undeniably worth the hassle and provide a nice break from the challenges Terraria poses.

Terraria is the kind of game players can pour hours into yet still find surprises scattered throughout. This trend is chiefly due to the sheer amount of content the game has, with dozens of NPCs, enemies, bosses, and so much more. Yet, the thing that exemplifies Terraria’s vastness the most is its innumerable amount of items ⁠— with well over 4000 unique items in the game.

If this overwhelming number was not enough, many of the items in Terraria are not so easily acquired, providing an additional challenge to players. There are various rarities that players can only obtain through considerable time, effort, and a whole lot of luck, as many of these items have a less than 1% chance of dropping regardless of a player’s grind. Non-surprisingly, there are many rare items that players may never get, despite their efforts.

Money Trough

Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (1)

  • Drop Rate: 0.5% – 6.67%

The Money Trough is an item that summons a cute tiny piggy bank that can store money and other valuables, keeping them safe should a player die or if others cannot keep their hands to themselves. Players can call this portable storage any time they please, making it an outstanding utility that saves players trouble.

While it does not follow the player, the Money Trough can be re-summoned whenever. Obtaining this transportable storage item is possible by defeating Blood Zombies, Dripplers, Wandering Eye Fish, and Zombie Merman, which appear during a Blood Moon. Getting the Money Trough is challenging but well worth it.

Blessed Apple

Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (2)

  • Drop Rate: 2.5% – 3.33%

The Blessed Apple is an item that summons a fantastical yet dangerous Unicorn mount. This whimsical creature is exceedingly fast and powerful, being able to damage enemies it comes in contact with using its mighty horn. These qualities make it stand out from other mounts as a speedy and trusty steed.

The rarity of the Blessed Apple does not make the item less desirable but surprisingly more so. To have a chance of obtaining this mount, players must defeat one of the most dangerous creatures of the Hallow, Unicorns. These majestic creatures put up a fight, making the Blessed Apple one demanding item to obtain.


Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (3)

  • Drop Rate: 2%

The Terragrim is a frighteningly fast sword that can make quick work of most enemies. Rather than swinging like a typical blade, the Terragrim unleashes a flurry of blurred attacks. This magnificent sword is a practical rarity as it is a dependable weapon that players can utilize for much of their playthrough, should they be lucky enough.

The Terragrim can drop from a sword in the stone, which appears in an Enchanted Sword Shrine or very rarely in a cavern. The chances of the former location appearing are slim, making this blade much rarer. Should players find a sword in the stone, it has a slight possibility of dropping the Terragrim over an Enchanted Sword.

Pirate Staff

Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (4)

  • Drop Rate: 0.05% – 1%

It seems to be a theme that summoning items are among the rarest in the game, but they can come in handy, especially the Pirate Staff, which calls upon seafaring minions. This item offers considerable support to players against primarily ground-based bosses, as the Pirate minions can swarm and unleash significant damage.

The Pirate Staff is only obtainable during a Pirate Invasion, during which Pirates and the Flying Dutchman appear. These nautical enemies have a chance to drop this item, albeit a relatively slim one. The rarity and practicality of the Pirate Staff make it worthy of obtaining and using against the most capable foes.

Discount Card

Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (5)

  • Drop Rate: 0.05% – 1%

The Discount Card is an accessory item that grants players a significant price reduction on nearly all NPCs inventories and some services rendered. This all-encompassing discount will save players many hard-earned coins and make purchases much less costly. However, this considerably rewarding item is not easily acquired.
The Discount Card requires players to face waves of enemies in the Pirate Invasion. This item very rarely drops from Pirates and the Flying Dutchman, foes that offer an extensive challenge to players. The hurdles players must overcome to obtain the Discount Card are troublesome and frustratingly chance-based but well worth it.

Reindeer Bells

Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (6)

  • Drop Rate: 0.56% – 0.83%

The Reindeer Bells was the first item in Terraria to summon a mount. However, despite being the foremost of many, this mount is anything but average. The Reindeer Bells call the famous steed Rudolph himself, shiny red nose and all. This venerable reindeer can reach speeds much faster than a player with Lightning Boots.

Players can attain the Reindeer Bells by defeating the most challenging boss of the Frost Moon event, the Ice Queen, who appears from wave fifteen onwards. Considering the difficulty of this boss battle and the rarity of the item, obtaining this miraculous mount is an uphill pursuit, but one that is well worth the effort.

Tattered Bee Wing

Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (7)

  • Drop Rate: 0.67%

The Tattered Bee Wing is only really used to craft Bee Wings, but who does not want the ability to fly like a bee and float down caves and steep drops? With these wings, players can do so with extraordinary ease and precision. The Bee Wings can grant players considerable maneuverability that outmatches many other wings.

It is worth noting that the Tattered Bee Wing can only appear in Hardmode, so there is a significant risk in getting hold of this item, yet the reward is great. While in Hardmode, head to the Underground Jungle and fight the Moss Hornets, and with any luck, the player will get hold of the rare Tattered Bee Wing.

Beam Sword

Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (8)

  • Drop Rate: 0.67%

The rarest items seem to be solely obtainable in Hardmode, which makes sense since they tend to be pretty powerful. The Beam Sword is no exception, as it is an exceptionally effective weapon that any player would be lucky to have, especially considering its rarity and the arduous effort needed to acquire it.

The Beam Sword itself is only obtainable by slaying Armored Skeletons, so if the player wants to get this weapon, they will have to fend against hordes of foes. This blade deals considerable damage and can shoot a luminous beam of light. The Beam Sword not only looks incredible, but it is a blade worthy of a hero.

Magical Pumpkin Seed

Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (9)

  • Drop Rate: 0.5%

The Magical Pumpkin Seed is an item that summons an adorable yet somewhat bizarre pumpkin seedling pet known as the Squashling. Getting accustomed to it will take time, but players will find it creepy but cute and the perfect Halloween companion, one that is a cut above the other typical pets in the game.

Not only is getting the Magical Pumpkin Seed to drop a challenge, but it is only obtainable during the Halloween seasonal event, making it a valuable rarity. This time frame makes it an extremely challenging item to get hold of, although all the player needs to do is harvest pumpkins during this time of year, which is a refreshing change.

Lucky Coin

Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (10)

  • Drop Rate: 0.025% – 0.5%

This Lucky Coin is an incredibly rare accessory that allows a 20% chance that 1 to 10 extra coins will drop each time the player hits an enemy. The probability of what coin type will drop is as follows: there is an 89.1% chance to get Copper Coins, 9.9% for Silver Coins, and a tiny 1% chance for Gold Coins.

The Lucky Coin is only obtainable in Hardmode during the Pirate Invasion. By defeating Pirates, the Pirate Captain, or the Flying Dutchman, players have a chance of attaining this item, albeit a very slim one. Yet, the potential profit the Lucky Coin can amass significantly outweighs the effort necessary to obtain it.

Wisp In A Bottle

Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (11)

  • Drop Rate: 0.25% – 0.37%

The Wisp in a Bottle is an item that summons an oddly cute and luminous pet that provides players with light. It is similar to many other light pets but much more effective as the Wisp will follow the player’s movements without slowing or providing inadequate light, making it worthwhile for venturing to dark places.

Due to it being a light source and its ability to follow the player around, the Wisp in a Bottle becomes impeccable when traveling through or looking for caves since it can pass through walls. Obtaining this light pet requires defeating Blue Armored Bones, Hell Armored Bones, and Rusty Armored Bones, which appear in Hardmode.

Rod Of Discord

Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (12)

  • Drop Rate: 0.2% – 0.25%

The Rod of Discord is a unique item that allows players to teleport anywhere within its range. This advantageous effect grants considerable mobility that players can use to reach typically unreachable areas or evade enemies. Being so beneficial, obtaining the Rod of Discord is a demanding and luck-based process.

The Rod of Discord drops from Chaos Elementals, a Hardmode enemy that scarcely spawns in the Underground Hallow caverns. If players encounter these foes, the chances for them to drop the Rod of Discord are nearly zero. Thus, obtaining this elusive and beneficial item is a fortunate occurrence only a lucky few will experience.

Lizard Egg

Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (13)

  • Drop Rate: 0.1%

The Lizard Egg is an item that summons a refreshingly simple and adorable green iguana. Although it looks like an ordinary lizard, this tiny reptilian will sprout wings should a player take to the skies or leave it behind a ways away. However, this seemingly basic pet’s allure is its rarity and the effort needed to attain it.

The Lizard Egg is obtainable through drops from Flying Snakes and Lihzahrds inside the Jungle Temple. This isolated location, in conjunction with a low drop rate, makes this item one of the rarest in the game. However, the Lizard Egg is worth acquiring for bragging rights and the cute reptilian pet it summons.

KO Cannon

Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (14)

  • Drop Rate: 0.1%

The KO Cannon is a weapon that launches a chain-connected boxing glove at enemies, dealing a powerful punch. This item allows players to benefit from the hard-hitting capabilities of melee weapons while keeping their distance from enemies. The KO Cannon is undoubtedly an effective weapon, but it is a rare one at that.

The KO Cannon can rarely drop from almost any enemy and NPC during a Blood Moon in Hardmode. The chance of that happening is extraordinarily slim, meaning that players need to contribute considerable time toward obtaining this weapon. Fortunately, doing so is beneficial as the KO Cannon is a powerful armament.

Bladed Glove

Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (15)

  • Drop Rate: 0.05%

The Bladed Glove is a weapon many fans of classic slasher films can enjoy. Many players may think this item is pretty weak. After all, it does considerably less damage than any other pre-Hardmode weapon. However, the Bladed Glove is the second fastest melee weapon in the game, making its DPS something to behold.
Not only does the Bladed Glove have a low drop chance, but it is only obtainable during the Halloween seasonal event. Getting ahold of this item requires players to defeat weaker enemies, which proves all the more difficult if done during Hardmode. Yet, it is undoubtedly worth the time and effort to do so.

Biome Keys

Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (16)

  • Drop Rate: 0.04%

Biome Keys are items used to open Biome Chest, which resides in the Dungeon. There are six in total, each for their respective biomes and chests that lie within the maze-like tunnels of the Dungeon. The real treasure is not the Biome Keys but the legendary weapons lying within the Biome Chests they open.

Regardless of what Biome Keys players manage to get ahold of, it will reward them with a phenomenal weapon to use against enemies. The only obstacle to doing so is the rarity of these items and the conquering of the Dungeon itself. The challenge is great, but the godly weapons these keys unlock are even better and worth it.

Amber Mosquito

Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (17)

  • Drop Rate: 0.01% – 0.027%

The Amber Mosquito is an item that summons a prehistoric dinosaur pet akin to that seen in various films. Like others, this pet chases after players when they run too far away, even getting carried by a Pterodactyl should they fly or stray away significant distances. This prehistoric pet is exceedingly rare, being as astounding as it is.

The Amber Mosquito is obtainable by feeding Desert Fossils, Slush, or Silt into an Extractinator. So, while players will not need to slay waves of enemies, they will have to amass an overwhelming amount of these blocks to have even a chance. Doing so is well worth the understandably painful and tedious process.

Coin Gun

Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (18)

  • Drop Rate: 0.0125% – 0.25%

The Coin Gun is a costly weapon as the ammo it utilizes are the coins players earn on their journeys. The more valuable the currency, the more powerful this weapon becomes, allowing it to inflict untold damage if players are willing to pay the price. Such a powerful weapon is not without its rarity, however.

The Coin Gun is obtainable during the Pirate Invasion as it can drop from every enemy besides the Parrot. However, the chances of that happening are slim, which makes an already unfavorable endeavor more challenging. The work necessary to obtain the Coin Gun is well worth it as it is a valuable and effective weapon.

Slime Staff

Terraria: The Rarest Items Guide - KosGames (19)

  • Drop Rate: 0.01% – 1.4%

The Slime Staff is an item that summons a small Slime to fight alongside players. While the baby Slime may not look it, it is a capable and advantageous minion which can grant players a significant edge. The Slime Staff appears to be a simple and unimpressive item, but it is far more rare and valuable than one would think.

The Slime Staff has the lowest drop chance of any item in the game and is, therefore, the rarest. This uncontested rarity is not without a good reason, though, as Slimes are the most plentiful and common enemies in Terraria. Players’ best chance of obtaining the surprisingly rare Slime Staff is when slime rains from the sky.

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