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C. ELECTRICAL 85 HIGH STREET, RYDE IW 68841 CHRISTMAS TO NEW YEAR OPENING DECEMBER 24 9 am-2 pm DECEMBER 25 CLOSED DECEMBER 26 CLOSED DECEMBER 27 10 am-4 pm DECEMBER 28 10 am-4 pm DECEMBER 30 10 am-4 pm DECEMBER 31 loam-4 pm JANUARY 1 CLOSED A UDIO JANUARY 2 OffivARDS 8.30 am -6 pm Wishing all our customers a happy Christmas and a very prosperous New Year MTD1 HI-FI SPECIALISTS No. 1 FOR SOUND ADVICE '3A HIGH STREET, RYDE, IW 63993 YOUNGSTERS ENTERTAIN ELDERLY THE elderly and the young came together at Cowes to share some pre-Christmas happiness at Cowes Primary School in Edinburgh Close. More than 50 senior citizens received an individually design- ed Christmas card inviting them to he special guests at a preview of the four and five year olds' production of The Shepherds Of Bethlehem last Wednesday. Free transport was arranged by Steve Porter Haulage.

After the performance the school choir entertained the visi- tors and the eight andnine- year-olds served coffee and mince pies. Money raised at this and other Chrntmas concerts at the school are going to the Frank Bruno Appeal for the Great Ormond Street Hospital to aid research into childhotid leukaemia. WORTH £600 Thieves broke into Carts- brooke Primary School and stole a computer with accmories, a cassette radio and two boxes of crackers, together valued at 600. KENWOOD FP300 Gourmet food processor. 2 speed.

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CHRISTMAS Day is an im- portant time for everyone. but for Sandown couple James and Marie Stroud this year's is extra special be- came it will also be the day on which they celebrate their golden wedding. Mr and Mrs Stroud, of Tre- lawney Way, Bembridge. marr- comptometer operator with the ied at St Anselrn's Church. Kennington.

after Mr Stroud arranged his wedding to ensure worked for IS years as a driver he got home leave for the Christ- for Associated Press News- mas period. "I was in the Royal Navy. over London. only 18 and not at all happy at the prospect of spendinF my first Christmas away." said Mr Stroud. So, he fixed the wedding date for Christmas Day itself and got 48 houn' compassionate leave to marry his 16-year-old bride.

Mr and Mrs Stroud met in Rendezvous Cafe in the High 1939 at a sea scout dance in a Lambeth church hall. when Mrs ing in 1982. Stroud was just 14. "I was a sea scout and she Girl clothes shop, run by their had come along with a friend," said Mr Stroud. band.

"I asked her to dance and we were married two years later." Although both Mr and Mrs Stroud were born in London. Mr Stroud in Kennington and his wife in Lambeth, they have lived on the Island for almost 26 years. During the war Mr Stroud served as an air fitter. mostly in the Atlantic, helping escort all- ied shipping and hunting Ger- man U-boats. Mrs Stroud was a NAAFI.

based in Kennington. After the war Mr Stroud papers. delivering papers all In 1966 the couple moved to the Island where they bought a guest house in Weston Road, anti garage in Orchardleigh Road. both in Shanklin. Ten years later they closed the businesses and moved to Sandown.

where they had the Street, which they ran until retir- The cafe is now the Island daughter Marie and her hus- The couple's other daughter. Jacqueline, and her husband run the Carlton Hotel on Sandown seafront. The Strouds have seven James and Marie Stroud grandchildren and three 'great- granchildren. Mr and Mrs Stroud are both keen members of Grading Has en Yacht Club. and have enjoy- ed sailing for many years.

"I have been sailing ever since my days as a sea oout on the River Thames" said Mr Stroud "It's the love of my life." Mr Stroud likes lo paint as well. He is also a member of the Fleet Air Arm Association. The couple will mark their day with a special family get- together at the Carlton Hotel. where many mainland relatives will he joining them for the celebration. ANNIVERSARIES Golden event falls on Christmas Day -fez- Boxing Day will mark 57th year of marriage and carried a basket ol flOWCIN Pageboy Matthew Hall (grandson).

six, wore a sailor sutt. Tony Cave was best man with Bob Castle and Dave 1-100 1.. as shers. fhe Rev Robert Bowyer of- tamed. A reception was held The Countryman.

Brighrione. The honeymoon was spent in Bath. The bridegroom. 70. is a retir- ed groundsman and gardener.

and the bride. 53, worts at IW Pearl. Chilton Chine. Mons and William Freeman, who came to the Island 17 A couple who were neigh- bours for about ten years before love blossomed. Mr George Humber and Mrs Doris West.

both of Coastguard Lane. Brook. were married at St Mary The Virgin. Brook. The bride.

who was given awav by her son Andrew. wore a white two-piece suit trimmed afterwards an in Southwick worked with black edging and a black a mechanic and wide-brimmed hat decorated later Shoreham. The couple came to the Island with fresh freesia. She carried a 17 years ago. moving to a collage bouquet of freesia.

in Field Place, Newport, where She was attended by Sarah Mrs Freeman, who enjoys gar. Hall jgrandidaughtet), aged dening and walking, still lives. two. who wore a bloc crinoline 1934. stay ing in the town where Mr Freeman worked as a mechanic, and Mrs Freeman was a bookmaker's clerk -4 until the outbreak of war.

During the war Mr Freeman served with the 7th Armoured Division (The Desert Rats), and 12 ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY PRESS THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1991 Water watchdog favours meterin companies on the mainland. Discounting this there was a steady growth in underlying profits before tax of just It will also be much fairer, since cus- under 10 percent. The company chairman. Mr William Courtney. said 11 was on course to achieve all EC and UK commitments for water duce universally and endorsed the director suppil ly waan str gotiro mm nt and indeed our customers for ever improving standards "Any new charging scheme will have are being met.

"Without the company's Privatisation two need to be phased gradually" said Prof years ago this would not have been poss- ible." Recognising customers concerns that wa- the water companies should give early con- ter charges were rising, he said through cost sideration to the specific problems of low savings and efficiencies it had been possible income large water users and those cus- for two years running to keep increases tomers who for medical reasons are high below the level originally agreed with the Government. Among projects highlighted in the report tember 30 of f61.4 million included what were the completion of a new wastewater Two of the pupils from the Rainforest treatment works at Havenstreet and the ffi million, mainly from the sale of minority schemes at Cowes and Ryde to improve shareholdings in three water supply only bathing water qualy.1318 section of the production, Holly Hamon (left) and Hannah Dudley as butterflies. School stages four-in-one concert awn NEWS that Southern Water in- creased pre-tax profits in the first half of this year by 22 percent coincided with comments by the water industry watchdog favouring metering as the best method of charging. The latter development was of particular signi fi cance to the Island the largest trial area in the country for the metering of domestic water supplies. The chairman of the Southern Customer Service Committee of the Office of Water Services (OFWAT).

Professor Judith Rees. said. "Metering is the hest method of charging for water as long as it can he implemented cheaply." for paying for water "In an area such as ours where there are already shortages of supply. metering is particuarly said Prof Rees. "It gives customers incentives to conserve water and allows more effective control of leakage.

tomers will pay for the water they use." Evenso the committee accepted that metering would be too expensive to intro- general's view that a selective, progressive approach should be taken. winners and losers and any changes will Rees. "We feel very strongly that OFWAT and waterusen." Southern Water's pre-tax profits to Sep- the company termed an exceptional gain of THE Russian story of Baboushka was brought to life at St Margaret's Primary School. entnor. last Friday as children entertained parents, friends and school gov- ernors at their Christmas concert.

The play, produced by deputy head Mrs Di Christopher, was one item on a four-part pm. gramme performed at the school in aid of the Children's Society. It recounts the tale of Baboushka owner of the cleanest house in the land who receives a visit from The Three Kings, on their may lo see the baby Jesus. Because she is too busy, Baboushka declines their offer to travel to Bethlehem to meet the new- born King, but she Stun regrets the decision and follows them. Unfortunately she is unable to catch them up and misses seeing he party in the stable.

thiboushka was played by llayley Aaron Turner, Alan Day and Jonathan Lyon The Three Kings. ther members of the cast were played by pupils from years three and four, who also joined in with a number of carols, accompanied by the school recorder group. Costumes for the performance were made by Mrs Sue Dudley and a group of parents. Also on the programme was a production entitled All Aboard The Ark by pupils from class two and an ecological play called Rainforest written by local music teacher Mr Philip Homes and performed by first year children. Christmas songs and carols were performed tiv the reception class.

Show tasks tackled Taste given by talented pupils of old time SHAVERS PHILIPS HS8IM Rechargeable A A-, Philishave. Triplehcad. .95 HP2721 Mains Ladyshave. £19.95 BRAUN Mens Pocket Batten Traveller £18.85 HAIR STYLING SAVE UP TO L9 BRAUN SAVE el P1000 Silencio hair dryer. 1900W.2 speed GCC50Independeot 2900.

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LP DREAMLAND Heated pad. 0, Controlled warmth. 1 a 7a Concerto ovetblanket. Variable heat. SINGLE £40.95 DOUBLE £49.95 ELECTRA EUBUS 'All Night' underblanket.

3 heat settings. Doubles also £19.95 available. KETTLES ROWENTA SAVE a COIEN KE02 JuYgO ti le With 0 1 gauge. CASH C19.85 SWAN 103116 "Cool Touch" 0 0 0 0, cordless kettle. Gauge.

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Frothenhancer. £59.90 PORTABLE AUDIO SONY CFS201L Stereo radio cr. rde £47.95 ers onal stereo with radio Model WMFX Ill £29.95 PLUS FREE C100 TAPES FROM SONY MORPHY RICHARDS CR303 Dual alarm clock radio. RISO Portable radio. 3 band, tone control, tuning indicator.

PHILIPS AW7392 stereo radio recorder. Twin cassettes FOOD PREPARATION UP TO CIS CASHBACK MOULINEX A77 Masterehef 650 food processor. 5011W. £78.95 variable speed. PLUS UP TO LIS CASHBACK.

Ask for details. 012 Electric carving knit. £10.90 BRAUN UK130 Multipractic food 460W, £59.85 litre, 2 speed. PLUS FREE EXTRA ACCESSORIES WORTH 114. While stocks last.

MI1300 Multipralcue handblender. I i .03 0, Off PLUS FREE 64-PAGE HARDBACK COOKBOOK. By redemption. KENWOOD SAVE 10 FP7000OUF111, £99.95 processor. AFTER CASHBACK FROM KENWOOD PLUS FREE ACCESSORIES.

While stocks last. SAVE LI A179 Powerline can £11.95 opener. WAS i12.95 En PRICE PROMISE ram you can', buy cheaper. WHEN it comes to pulling on a production, children at Swanmore Middle School. Ryde, certainly do not leave all the hard work to their teachers.

As well as performing in school's Christmas show. The Angel At Large. by Nigel Ford, youngsters also designed their costumes, helped make the scen- ery. applie their own stage make-up and made posters and programmes to publicise the production. The show produced by head of religious studies Miss Janice Morgan is a modern- day nativity play taken from the angel's point of view, and fea- tures all the traditional charac- ters.

During the play which includ- ed children from throughout the school, members of the choir entertained with a range of caro Is, accompanied by Mrs Anne Burnett. Playing Auriel the Angel was Louise Hewison, with Trevor Littledale as Desmond the a mel, and Dean Smith and Alistair Bogle as Herod's sol- diers. As well as playing lo parents PARENTS and and friends at Swanmore. The Angel At Large also went on our to Green Mount. prow Park and Haylands Primary schools.

"All the young children 'hob oughly enjoyed the show." said Each class devised its own Swanmore headteacher Mr Ian Coles. It was done simply and effec- tively and everyone seemed to appreciate it." Proceeds from the cancan are to go to Josma from Haiti. Rajesh from India and Nawthawah from Burma Also on the programme was a three Third World youngsters whose education is paid for by wanmore's food raising ellorts. On Tuesday. the Swanmore school choir sang to shoppers in Ryde to raise money for he Tear Fund.

The group. who sang modern arrangements of a selection of carols and Christmas songs. were directed by teachers Mrs Deputy head Mr Dave Kitching Burnett and Miss Janice Mor- gan. music hall gj and parents of pupils Al Shank- lin Primary School were treated to a taste of an old time music hall at the end of term Christmas concert. entertainment, with all acts staged together to form a Traditional variety show.

Items included the 12 Days of Christmas (class 11 a musical Nutcracker Suite (class 2) and music hall songs (class 3). comic version of The Christ. as Carol (class 4). the ori- gins and customs of Christmas (class 51 and Victorian melo- drama. The Message (class fit.

Accompaniment on the piano was provided by Mrs Joyce Paris. led parents in a sing-song between acts. IT'S A GIFT YOU CAN'T BUY CHEAPER' years ago. CELEBRATING their 57th wedding anniversary on Box- ing Day will be Mr William Freeman and his wife Mons. Mr Freeman, 83, and his wife.

76, will he enjoying the day at Cameron House Nursing Home. Ryde. where Mr Freeman has been a resident since February. The couple, originally both from Susses. met at an Old Contemptibles' dance in Portslade.

They were married al St Nich- olas's Church, Portslade, in £14.95 £14.95 £59.95.

Isle of Wight County Press from Newport, Isle of Wight, England (2024)


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