Helluva Boss x Reader Oneshots/Preferences - 🔞 Millie x Moxxie x Fem!Human!Reader (2024)


Y/n propped up her legs on her desk, and pressed play on the p*rn video.

She turned on the vibrator and clicked it to her preferred setting, and gently pressed it against her cl*t.

The vibrations stimulated her cl*t enough to where soft moans was escaping. She kept her eyes on the screen, the man was fingering his (maybe girlfriend), and the actress's moans matched with Y/n's.

Y/n lifted up her shirt and gripped her breast for some extra pleasure, making her soft moans become louder.

A noise broke Y/n's concentration. Confused, she turned off the vibrator and paused the video, and before she could put her pants on these 2 figures was in her room, weapons in their hands pointing it at her.

She fell over and accidentally pressed the space bar on her laptop, unpausing the video. The actors/actress moans filled the room.

She was too startled to cover herself up, she put her hands up in defense. These 2 red imps put their weapons down, looked at the laptop, glancing over to Y/n's throbbing puss*, then at her eyes.

"We can let you finish and then we kill you, we're demons, not monsters." The male one spoke up.

Y/n covered herself up by pulling down her shirt. "Why are you going to kill me?" She muttered.

"Somebody hired us to kill ya." The female one said.

"Oh..well...thanks for letting me rub one out before you kill me." She cackled.

"Does 10 minutes sound good, hun?"


The two imps left her bedroom. Y/n cautiously sat back down and put her legs up again, to be honest that whole interaction ruined the mood.

Meanwhile, Millie and Moxxie was in the living room, sitting on the couch. Moxxie's phone rang, "Incoming: Worst Boss Ever".


"Hey Mox, you're at the wrong house. It's the next one over."

"Oh goddammit!" He hung up.

"What's wrong?"

"We're at the wrong house." He huffed. "Guess we can leave."

"Mox, I have a crazy idea.."

After their discussion, they opened Y/n's bedroom door, watching her use the vibrator. They looked at the p*rn video that she was watching, it was hentai of two demons. Y/n quickly put her legs down and glared.

"Oh come on, really? It hasn't even been 10 minutes."

"You're watchin' demon p*rn?" Millie laughed. "Guess you really wanna f*ck us huh?"

Y/n kept quiet, she felt embarrassed because she got caught watching demon p*rn right before she got murdered. The two imps walked over to her. Millie turned Y/n's chair so she can face her, Y/n gulped as she watch the imp sit on her lap.

"We're at the wrong house, but my husband and I want to f*ck you before we go. And it seems like you might want to as well." She motioned her head to the p*rn video.

"Wow...really straight forward."

Millie pressed her lips against Y/n. She was taken back by this, but was she complaining? Not really.

The two girls started making out, Millie taking off her shirt and bra in between the french kissing. Y/n cupped Millie's breast, lightly rubbing her nipples, small moans coming from her.

Moxxie continued to watch his wife make out with this human. He slowly unbuckled his belt, pulling his pants and underwear off. His dick sprung up, throbbing. He spat in his hands and started rubbing his dick for lubricant.

Millie got off of Y/n as she took off her shirt. Y/n looked over at Moxxie, "Are you going to join?" She bit her lip.

"Oh come on Mox, don't be shy." Millie teased, taking off her pants, just leaving her in a thong. Millie turned her attention back on Y/n, getting on her knees and pulled Y/n's thighs outward so she can get a good look at her puss*.

Moxxie walked behind of Y/n's chair, pulled her hair so she's looking straight up. Moxxie bent over and pressed his lips against hers. He forced his tongue in her mouth.

As soon as they started to make out, Millie slid her tongue over Y/n's cl*t, making her break away from Moxxie's mouth, but he grabbed her face again, forcing his tongue back in her mouth.

Moxxie's hands traveled down Y/n, grasping her breast and using his thumb and pointer finger to rub her nipple.

Millie stopped sucking on her cl*t, which resulted in Y/n whimpering due to the lack of stimulation.

Moxxie pulled away from Y/n and motioned her to sit on the bed. She obliged and laid down, propping herself up with her elbows. Moxxie grabbed Millie and the two were making out, fistful of her hair in his grip.

Y/n whined, wanting their attention. Millie pulled away and locked eyes with Y/n, "Have ya ever got f*cked by an imp while eatin' the other one out?" She smirked.

Y/n's puss* started throbbing, she shook her head no. Millie walked towards Y/n, caressing her cheek before the imp slowly took her thong off, teasing her.

She laid across from Y/n, spreading her legs to indicate that she wants her to eat her out. Moxxie got behind of Y/n, running his fingers through her hair.

Y/n got on her hands and knees and arched her back so her face was right near Millie's puss*.

Moxxie spat on his hand and rubbed his dick to make some lubricant, and rested his tip against her entrance.

Y/n licked her fingers and slowly pushed them inside of Millie, she gasped as Y/n curled her fingers. Her mouth latched onto Millie's cl*t, licking it in circles before she started sucking. Millie grabbed Y/n's hair and pulled it because of the stimulation.

The male imp pushed himself all the way in, Y/n gasped due to his length.

His thrust started out slow, as each second pass by he would increase his thrusting. Y/n let out soft moans as she continued to suck on Millie's cl*t and fingering her. The female imp kept pulling on Y/n's hair and bucking her hips.

"Has your wet dreams been fulfilled?" Moxxie whimpered.


Moxxie went harder, gripping onto Y/n's hips.

"F-f*ck, I'm gonna cum." Y/n whined.

Millie arched her back as her org*sms took over, pulling Y/n's hair even harder. Feeling Millie's cum on her face, as well as the pleasure receiving from Moxxie induced her org*sm. She could feel Moxxie's thrust getting sloppier as he released into Y/n, not knowing if he can even get humans pregnant.

He rode her org*sm out before pulling out. All three of them were panting.

"How's that?" Millie smirked.

"It was the best sex I've ever had." Y/n wiped off Millie's cum off of her mouth with the back of her hand.

"How would you feel if we come back once a week?" Moxxie started to get dressed.

Y/n giggled, "Sure."

Helluva Boss x Reader Oneshots/Preferences  - 🔞 Millie x Moxxie x Fem!Human!Reader (2024)


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