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Epilogue: Aftermath

“It’s been a year since the world almost ended,” Katie Killjoy, the newsreporter, says while stabbing her partner, Tom Trench, in the shoulder while he passed out. The pictures flash on the screen of the depiction of the sinners and demons alike suffering in all of the seven realms. Katie continues to talk while sounding similar to Blitz’s voice, “We don’t know what the f*ck just happened, but there’s one thing for certain that--”

Katie is interrupted by the bullet going through her head, causing her head to fall down on her desk. Blitz comes in from the side of the screen and keeps shooting at her in the head until she doesn’t move anymore.

Tom lifts his head up to look at Blitz. He takes out his money and gives it to Blitz.

“Thank you,” Tom says before making his escape.

“Sir, you’re on television,” Moxxie’s voice whispers offscreen.

Blitz looks at the camera with a blank stare.

“Oh sh*t--”

The television glitches as it is now shown that Blitz is wearing Katie’s red dress with a brown wavy wig and make-up.

“Hello, gorgeous sinners,” Blitz says with a plastered smile and a wave. “I’m...ahem, Bryce Killthrust. Are you unjustifiably f*cked with back on Earth and want revenge? Do you have dickhe*d overlords that treat you like sh*t? Well, let me tell you about the I.M.P crew. We’ll kill the f*ckers that have either killed you back on Earth or own your souls. The Immediate Murder Professionals will get the job done and done right!”

Blitz gives his thumbs up with a wink at the camera.

“Now, if you are seeking redemption and want to be a better person, come to the Hazbin Hotel! Redemption is a slow hard process, but with enough determination and strength, it will surely be possible! Sort of...still working on that.”

Blitz hears a groan from Katie Killjoy, pulling out his pistol to keep shooting at her with an angry glare.


Meanwhile, Stolas is watching the news from his phone with a questionable gaze at his short boyfriend in the red dress and a brown wig driving the van.

“Uh, Blitzy, don’t you think that you’re overdoing it with killing the news anchorwoman?” Stolas questions Blitz.

Blitz shrugs. “The bitch deserves it. Besides, since we open up to killing overlords, we got a ton of sinners paying us. Our business is booming, baby!”

Stolas smiles softly at him. “I suppose you are right.” He glances his watch. “Oh my, we’re going to be late.” He turns to see Octavia and Loona sharing earbuds to listen to the music while Moxxie and Millie are holding up the presents.

“Hang tight! I’m driving with these f*cking heels!” Blitz determines as he drives through the desert like crazy man.


Bella gazes up at the bright light glowing brighter through Hell’s red skies. She sits at the edge of the rooftop of an instrument shop. Her blonde hair has grown longer within a year, now in pigtail buns on the sides of her head. Her tail has been fluffier. She hears flapping noises and turns her head to find Nora landing beside her.

“Hey,” Nora says with a small smile on her face.

“Hey,” Bella replies while watching her girlfriend sit down next to her. They both stare up at the light.

“You think it’s going to get darken again?” Bella asks


“The light...do you ever wonder if it will get darken again?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. We’ll be more prepared if it does happen again.”

Bella nods in agreement.

Nora is silent for a moment until she lets out a sigh. “Uh, got any big plans today?”

Bella shakes her head. “No. Other than it’s my birthday, I don’t have a day planned.”

Nora starts to sweat nervously. “O-Oh really, it’s your birthday?”

“Yes. I know that I haven’t told anyone else about it other than my moms. But yeah, today is my birthday,” Bella explains to her girlfriend.

Nora looks to the side.

“Did Mommy tell you?”

“No, not really.”



Bella squints at her girlfriend suspiciously. “That’s odd. Usually Mommy is terrible at keeping secrets.”

“Well, I haven’t heard anything from Charlie or Vaggie at all, sooo. I’m surprised that today is your birthday. Happy birthday,” Nora says while kissing her girlfriend’s cheek.

Bella smiles brightly.

“Well, since today is your birthday, let’s go celebrate it!” Nora chirps.

Bella nods excitedly. “Okay, I’ll just go get a few things from the hotel.”

“Sounds good,” Nora says.

When Bella turns around, Nora takes out her cellphone to text someone. But Bella notices it with a brow quirked up.

“Who are you texting?” Bella asks.

“Oh, no one in particular,” Nora says with a casual shrug.

“Uh huh, little sus, babe,” Bella replies.

Nora chuckles nervously, putting her phone away.

Both of the girls head back to the hotel. However, when they go up to the steps, they notice that the inside of the hotel is dark.

Nora puts a protective arm over Bella. “Stay here.”

“What’s going on?”

“I don’t know. Just stay here,” Nora says while reaching her hand into the darkness, only for her to be pulled into it.

Bella gasps. “NO!” She busts down the door. Once she busts down the door, the light flickers on.

“SURPRISE!!!” Everyone at the hotel, including Fizz, Ozzie, Mimzy, Nora’s older sister, Nora’s baby brother, Carmilla, Clara, Odette, and Zestial--the odd looking tall bug with green eyes--surprises Bella for her birthday.

Bella blinks in surprise and looks to find Nora is grabbed by Sir Pentious.

Charlie picks Bella up excitedly. “Happy birthday, sweetheart!”

Vaggie approaches beside her girlfriend and her daughter, hugging them both. “We didn’t know if you like surprise parties, but your mom thinks it’s a good idea to throw one.”

“Hey, everybody like surprise parties, right?” Charlie questions the group.

Husk pulls Angel by the side, cuddling up against him. “I’m usually not one for surprise parties.”

Angel gives Husk a teasing smirk. “Unless it’s me--”

“Not that kind of surprise party, baby.”

Bella starts to tear up.

Vaggie notices this. “Oh no, did we make you cry--?”

“No one has ever celebrated my birthday like this before,” Bella says tearfully, sobbing into Charlie’s chest.

“Aww,” Charlie coos.

Fizz looks around. “Wait, where’s Blitz and his crew? They should be there by now.”

Ozzie shrugs while cradling Fizz. “Who knows? They might be off doing a last minute mission. They’re not as busy as the other rulers of the rings...Mammon has got a circus to run with Sid, Bee has to visit her boyfriend’s grave, Zelus is too busy buried in the books on how to beat me at sales, Mal is Mal, and Belphegor is just...lazy.”

“Yeah, well, at least everyone else is here,” Lucifer responds, holding his wife by the hip.

They hear the tires screeching as the van rams through the wall by the doors.

Blitz kicks the door open and pops his head out.

“WE’VE ARRIVED, MOTHERf*ckERS!” Blitz announces.

“Seriously, Blitz? Alastor just fixed that wall,” Vaggie says with a deadpan tone.

Alastor grins. “At least someone acknowledges my work.”

“Yeah, yeah, f*ck off, creepy ass,” Blitz replies while Moxxie and Millie open the side door to dump out the presents for Bella to open.

Stolas comes out of the van with Octavia and Loona with him. “We’re sorry for our late arrival, but I hope the surprise is worth it.”

“Oh, it is,” Charlie reassures Stolas.

Emily brings out chocolate cake. “Happy Birthday, Bella!”

The cake has fourteen candles lit up to symbolize Bella turning fourteen. Everyone sings happy birthday to her as she blows the candles, causing everyone to cheer and celebrate.


Bella’s party turns out to be a smash with everyone eating cake and enjoying each other’s company. She has opened all of her presents and enjoyed each of the gifts from her friends and family.

Meanwhile, Blitz decides to wander down the hallways of the hotel until he hears moaning and kissing sounds. He peeks down the hallway to find Husk pinned against the wall with Angel burying his face into Husk’s furry neck and sucking his fur softly.

Husk notices Blitz out of the corner of his eyes, causing Angel to stop and look over his shoulder.

Blitz leans against the corner wall with a small smirk. “So, Angel does the pegging, huh?”

Husk throws the large card at Blitz’s face, knocking him away from them.

“Alright, alright, I won’t intrude on your make-out session.” Blitz walks away with a growing smirk on his lips.

Husk and Angel stare into each other’s eyes.

“Well, am I doing the pegging, Husky?” Angel flirts with Husk.

Husk blushes and looks to the side. “If you want to.”

“Then let’s take this somewhere more private,” Angel whispers to his boyfriend, pulling him into his room.

Husk is laid on the bed while Angel crawls on top of him. Both of their faces turn red while Angel caresses Husk’s face.

“Are we really doing this while Bella is celebrating her birthday?”

“The party’s basically over if you think about it,” Angel says. “Besides, no one is gonna hear us unless you want them to hear us.”

Husk blushes madly. “Will you stop making me flustered?”

“Aww, I know how to get you blushing like crazy.”

“Just kiss me already,” Husk replies breathlessly, his lips meet Angel’s immediately. He feels his pants being shoved off of him, boxers taking longer to take off since Angel likes to tease him. He caresses his lover’s head, feeling his top set of hands running through Husk’s furry body. Then he feels one of Angel’s four hands pumping his length.

A gasp escapes his lips, eyes fluttering open to find Angel moving his lips to his furry cheek and then onto his neck.

“A-Angel,” Husk calls softly, staring up at the ceiling. He closes his eyes to feel his lover’s lips traveling down his chest, sucking his nipples under his fur gently. Soft moans slip past his lips while feeling the kisses going further down to his dick. A gasp escapes his lips, his eyes open half-lidded. He grabs the back of Angel’s head, jerking his hips.

“M-Mommy,” Husk moans out.

Angel and Husk stop what they are doing while Angel perks his head up. Then an amused smile corners Angel’s lips.

“What did you say?”

“I didn’t say anything. I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Husk says, blushing madly.

“Aw, baby, did you call me mommy?”

“No,” Husk answers, covering his face in embarrassment. “That's not me. That must be Bella calling Charlie that outside.”

“Hm. Bella must have a puberty of an old man,” Angel says with a little smirk.

“I’m not that old,” Husk says defensively.

Angel snorts. “Aw, does daddy want to be pegged by mommy?”

Husk blushes more, covering his face. “f*ck you.”

“I’ll be happy to let you f*ck me, daddy, after I’m done with you,” Angel flirts with Husk.

“Okay, you know what?” Husk says before playfully flipping both of them over with him on top of Angel.

Angel giggles at Husk’s actions, but once he sees Husk on top of him, a sudden flash of Val enters his vision. Angel’s smile disappears in an instant, which causes Husk to immediately back up.

“What? What’s wrong, baby?” Husk asks in panic.

“I-It’s nothing. You can do what you want with me--”

“No,” Husk says before laying down next to Angel. “I won’t do anything to you until you tell me what happened.”

Angel sighs and caresses his lover’s face. “Sorry. I guess I got scared when you got on top of me.”

“Oh,” Husk utters. “I-I’m sorry, baby. I was just messing around.”

“I know. I know, baby. I understand. Sorry, my stupid mind keeps going back to Val...even though he’s dead.”

“Oh,” Husk responds, cuddling his lover. “You’re not stupid, baby. You’re not stupid at all. You wanna hold off on the--?”

“No,” Angel answers and looks at Husk. “I want to make new memories of this with you. Just to get rid of the old ones. Only if you want to, baby.”

Husk corners a soft smile. “Okay. Just give me a safeword.”

“How about popsicles?” Angel asks.

Husk chuckles before moving slowly and carefully on top of his lover. “Popsicles it is.” With that said, Husk kisses Angel’s lips. Then he moves his kisses slowly and carefully down on Angel’s neck, leaving nothing but soft kisses behind to ensure that Angel will relax.

Husk sees Angel tensing up under him as if he’s expecting Husk to flat-out force himself into him like Val and the other actors have done to him. He caresses his lover’s face.

“Relax, baby. Relax,” Husk whispers into Angel’s ears, comforting him. “I’ll go easy on you, I promise. It’s okay. It’s okay. I’ll go slow and easy on you, baby.”

Angel tries to relax, but tenses up when Husk kisses his neck. It’s breaking Husk’s heart to see Angel tensing up like this. He pulls away from his lover.

“Is this too much for you?”

“No, I just--I don’t know what’s going on with me. It has been a year since Val is dead and I’m still not over this. I just don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“Nothing is wrong with you,” Husk says. “It’s Val who’s f*cked up. Not you. We can stop if this is making you uncomfortable--”

Angel surprises him when Husk is flipped over onto the bed. He crawls on top of Husk, grinding his hips against Husk’s.

Husk clenches his teeth, feeling Angel’s hands resting in his own. Moaning, Husk feels his lover’s hands go into ears, massaging it.

“Sh-sh*t,” Husk utters.

“Is it okay if I’m in control?”

Husk nods. “Of course it is.”

Angel’s lips crash into his with Husk pulling him closer. Angel and Husk look into each other eyes, memorizing every shine and flicker.

“F-f*ck me, Mommy,” Husk says breathlessly.

Angel smirks at the name. “Okay, Papi~” He carefully inserts himself inside of his boyfriend, causing Husk to gasp in surprise.

Angel starts thrusting into him, causing Husk to hold onto the spider’s side and moan louder a bit.

“Oh, sh*t!” Husk curses out loud. “F-Faster! Faster!”

Angel covers his lover’s lips. “Shh, you want them to hear you?”

Husk starts to tear up, begging for Angel to not stop at all. Then Angel’s hand moves to caress Husk’s cheek.

“How badly do you want me, Papi?”

Husk moans, feeling Angel tugging at his hair gently. He holds onto his lover’s hips.

“S-So f*cking badly,” Husk utters.

“Good,” Angel whispers before thrusting into his boyfriend faster, pumping his length faster and faster.

“Oh, sh*t! f*ck! M-Mommy!” Husk cries when the pace quickens until he feels his lover’s hot liquid gushing inside of him. Then he watches his seed spurt out onto his lover’s stomach.

“You’re so messy, Papi,” Angel says with a teasing grin.

Husk gazes at his lover. “It’s all of your fault.”

“I’ll gladly accept responsibility. Especially since I got you screaming and begging for more.”

Husk blushes and sighs, hugging his lover. “You always have that effect on me, ya know.”

“The mommy kink is new,” Angel says with a teasing chuckle.

Husk cuddles Angel. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

With that said, Angel and Husk cuddle with each other to sleep through the night.

“HA! I KNEW ANGEL WOULD PEG YOU!” Blitz’s voice shouts from the other side of the door.

Husk and Angel groan.

“Great, we got a pervert now listening to us,” Husk says with a sigh.

“Let’s ignore him,” Angel whispers as they start to fall back asleep.


Meanwhile, in Heaven, more people from Earth are able to enter Heaven’s gates as well. Sera has been overlooking the souls entering Heaven while frowning to not see Emily.

St. Peter is standing beside her to notice her frown and a single tear. "What's wrong?"

Sera wipes her tear away. "Nothing."

St. Peter stays in silent and places a hand on her arm to comfort her. “Don't worry, I’m sure Emily will join us again.”

“Let’s hope so, Peter.”


Unbeknownst to them, across the meadows, Lute manages to throw Roo disguised as Lilith into the cell where the Foresight Angels used to be at. Roo has her eyes bandaged and skin torn.

“This is where you’ll be staying for a long time,” Lute responds with a glare, chaining Roo up by the wrists, ankles, and throat. “Once we figure out what to do with you, you’ll wish you have died on Earth.”

With that said, Lute walks away. Once Lute walks away and shuts the door, Roo smirks evilly and laughs like a maniac.


The black hole appears while Roo’s laughter is in the background, sucking everything out of existence.

Husk snaps his eyes open and sits up with a gasp. Breathing heavily, he feels Angel’s arms wrapped around him in the middle of the night.

“Baby? Are you okay?” Angel asks him softly.

Husk turns to him, calming down. “It’s just that stupid nightmare again.”

Angel frowns and cradles him. “You think that the nightmare will happen?”

“I don’t know. I don’t know.” Husk cuddles up against Angel, breathing calmly before finally letting himself fall back asleep into Angel’s arms.

The End?

Hazbin Hotel: The Contract of Blood - Chapter 20 - Outrightelm6724 (2024)


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