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Desert Treasure 2 Rewards

At this point you should be familiar with these, but just in case, let’s have one more look at the quest rewards!

Ring of Shadows

The Ring of Shadows serves as a one-stop-shop for various unlockable boss teleports and some offensive stats for players who are being particularly cautious with their GP.

Since the ring is untradeable, you’ll be able to reobtain it for a fee if you ever misplace it, whether that’s through sheer forgetfulness or an untimely PvP death.

The rest of the rewards in this section will come from the bosses unlocked upon quest completion. Starting with…

Four New Rings

The Fremennik Rings have remained the best style-specific rings since the ancient era of 2005. Duke Sucellus, Vardorvis, the Leviathan and the Whisperer will each drop upgrade components used to create the powerful new Bellator, Magus, Ultor and Venator rings, which should shake up this age-old meta.

The completed Rings are all tradeable, but require completion of Desert Treasure II – The Fallen Empire to equip.

The bosses will also drop untradeable Vestiges, specific to each boss. To make these tradeable, you’ll have to do a spot of handicrafts – to do so, you’ll need 90 Magic and 80 Crafting (both boostable). We’ll give you a quick breakdown of how this works, should you be lucky enough to snag a Vestige on release day!

  • Each boss drops a specific, untradeable vestige. Depending on the boss you’re killing, this will be a Bellator, Magus, Ultor or Venator Vestige.
  • Each boss drops tradeable bars. These are non-specific – all of the bosses can drop the exact same bars, or you can buy them from other players.
  • Fremennik Rings can be broken down to provide their respective Icon. You’ll want the Icon that corresponds to the Ring you’re trying to make:
    • Warrior Icon for Bellator Ring
    • Seers’ Icon for Magus Ring
    • Berserker Icon for Ultor Ring
    • Archers’ Icon for Venator Ring
  • Combine your Vestige, three bars, and your Fremennik Icon to create your brand-new Ring!

Of course, crafting like this hasn’t occurred on Gielinor for averylong time. Perhaps it might be worth seeking out a particularly knowledgable Fremennik to learn a little more about these rings before getting started?

Now, what are the Mahjarrat without a spot of Ancient Magicks? You guyshaveAncients, right?

Virtus Robes

Virtus Robes are making a return, offering massive increases to Ancient Magicks damage while serving as a middle-ground between Ahrim’s Robes and Ancestral when using Standard spells or powered staves.

Each piece of the Virtus Robes set is tradeable anddoes notrequire completion of Desert Treasure II – The Fallen Empire to equip.

Each of the bosses has a chance to drop a piece, so if you wind up enjoying one of them more than the other three, you’ll be able to farm it to your heart’s content while hunting the full set!

Maybe Magic isn’t your thing? Perhaps you prefer the simplicity of hitting things with a really big axe? Boy, do we have news for you…

Soulreaper Axe

The Soulreaper Axe is a hefty 2-handed weapon that’ll really give you theedgein combat… for a price.

Before we get much deeper into the details though, we’d love to shoutout Deztroyer, who has already made amassiveversion of the Soulreaper axe in the real world! Check it outhere.

Attacks with the Soulreaper Axe will damage you for 8 Hitpoints and grant you a ‘Mighty Stack’. Each Mighty Stack gives you a +6% Strength level boost (additive with bonuses from Prayers) and stacks up to five times, for a total of 40 Hitpoints lost and a +30% Strength boost. Once you’re fully stacked, you’ll stop taking extra damage and be free to slap your foes silly with one of the scariest Slash weapons in Gielinor.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a quick extra heal, you can use the Soulreaper Axe’s special attack Behead. Behead consumes any Mighty Stacks you have, and for each stack consumed you’ll increase your accuracy by 6% and heal for 8 Hitpoints – coincidentally the same number of Hitpoints you exchange for a Mighty Stack! The best part is, you’ll get your healing even if the attack itself misses. Any Mighty Stacks that you have will be lost if you switch weapons, or if you go 10 ticks (6 seconds) without attacking.

The Axe is made up of four untradeable components (one from each boss) but can be traded to other players in its completed form. You’ll need to have completed Desert Treasure II to equip it.

While ‘hit things with big axe’ has been a fun diversion, we’re heading back to the arcane arts to wrap up our rewards section!

Ancient Sceptre Upgrades

Remember that Ancient Icon you went dry on for ages before upgrading it into an Ancient Sceptre? It’s time to imbue that Sceptre with the power of the Ancient elements themselves…

Each of the post-quest bosses will drop an untradeable Sigil that coincides with their Ancient element: blood, ice, shadow and smoke. These Sigils can be combined with an Ancient Sceptre to create the Blood/Ice/Shadow/Smoke Ancient Sceptre.

These upgrades retain the +5% magic damage and +10% to Ancient Magicks effects, but will imbue the Sceptre with new effects depending on the element:

  • Blood Ancient Sceptre: Blood magic can now overheal you by 10% of your Hitpoints.
  • Ice Ancient Sceptre: Ice magic gains 10% accuracy on unfrozen, freezable targets.
  • Shadow Ancient Sceptre: Shadow spells also drain Strength and Defence in addition to the target’s Attack level.
  • Smoke Ancient Sceptre: Smoke spells reduced healing received by 20% for 10 cycles on hit if the target is poisoned.

Upgraded Ancient Sceptres have an increased Magic requirement compared to their predecessor, requiring 75 Magic as well as the usual 60 Strength and 50 Attack to equip.

Alongside these, we’ll be tweaking the Ancient sceptre and its upgraded variants to behave similarly to other untradeables on death in PvP, and attaching a repair cost to boot.

But wait, there’s more…

Desert Treasure 2 Rewards – OSRS – Old School Runescape Guides (2024)


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