7 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Decor for Spring (2024)

There’s something special about spring. It’s the time when nature finally revives after long months of cold winter and brings with it a desire for change. No wonder so many people rush out to the shops in spring to give their homes a new makeover.

Are you looking for modern spring decor ideas to get your home ready for the new season? Don’t look further. In this article, you’ll learn how to weave an energetic spring atmosphere into your home in a stylish and inexpensive way!

1. Invest in Bright Colors

Spring is all about bright colors, so the first thing to do is let go of dark and neutral shades. While they looked all right during winter, they don't do much in terms of setting a spring mood and therefore are best to be replaced with spring colors.

You don’t even need to repaint your walls for this. To make your home feel fresh for spring, it’s enough to wrap your furniture with a set of new slipcovers in teal, mango, or coral pink that will rejuvenate your home decor on a whim!

2. Switch to Lighter Fabrics

Another surefire way to create a spring interior design is to turn to lighter fabrics. Whether you have heavy-draped curtains or a fur throw on your couch, it’s time to stash them away and opt for relaxed fabrics such as linen or cotton. Both fabrics look charmingly stylish and can bring a feel of freshness to your home.

For furniture covers, it’d be best to go for microfiber. The beauty of this fabric is that it looks and feels lightweight and thin while boasting amazing durability and wrinkle resistance. It’s also not very expensive, which means you can grab a few microfiber slipcovers and give your spring interior decor a spin whenever you want.

3. Add Greenery

No spring indoor decor is complete without greenery. In fact, plants are one of the best spring decorations for home. So, if you don’t have houseplants, it’s time to bring outdoor bloom in! You don’t even need to buy fresh flowers if you don’t have time to care for them. Faux flowers, succulents, or branches look just as amazing in the interior while requiring little to no upkeep.

To give you an idea, you can match a teal slipcovered couch with curly plants hanging on the wall. This alone will give your living room a spring home decor makeover. However, you can go further and embellish your place with flower arrangements by placing them on shelves, a mantelpiece, a coffee table, and anywhere else you want.

4. Spring Clean Your House

To prepare your home for the season ahead, you should also do a spring clean. Run the hoover in the corners of your house to get rid of dust and cobwebs and clear some space by decluttering your workspace. If you have too much stuff, you can buy a couple of storage baskets and place them next to your computer desk.

It’s also the time to clean your curtains and slipcovers to give them a fresh look. Luckily, slipcovers from Mamma Mia Covers are machine-washable, so you can safely wash them at home without overpaying for professional cleaning!

5. Change Curtains

A super easy way to give your room a quick update is to change curtains. Opt for curtains with a floral print in colors that compliment your home interior. Not a fan of prints? You can choose fresh pastels instead. Whatever color you choose, the main tip is to stick to lightweight fabrics, ideally linen, so that the curtains don’t take up much space and allow the sunlight to pass through.

6. Add Contrast

Another way to refresh your home is by adding contrast to it through colorful accessories. Not everyone is keen on bright walls, and it’s totally fine. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t make your home feel more like spring. You can still redecorate your space by accessorizing it with paintings, vases, statutes, and posters in vibrant colors, all of which can help set the scene and transition your home for the spring.

7. Upgrade Throw Pillows

When decorating your home for spring, you may also want to upgrade throw pillows. Although most people don’t think much of them, it’s the little things that count. Try swapping your dark throw pillows for something colorful and bright, and you’ll be amazed at how different your room will look. If your couch is already bright, then play around with the contrast. Neutral cushions can have just as great an effect when combined with a slipcover in vibrant color.

As you can see, getting your home ready for the spring can be quite easy and enjoyable without costing you an arm and a leg. All you really need is to get in the mood and be a little bit creative, and everything else will be added to you. Hopefully, our tips will inspire you to get those changes started today so you have a lovely home when spring finally arrives!


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7 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Decor for Spring (2024)


7 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Decor for Spring? ›

Change Out The Little Things. If you want a simple decor upgrade that doesn't involve a weekend-long DIY project, consider changing out your home decor accessories. Change out your faded pillow cushions for fresh, luxury designer pillows or switch out the art on your walls to more modern pieces.

How can I upgrade my home decor? ›

Change Out The Little Things. If you want a simple decor upgrade that doesn't involve a weekend-long DIY project, consider changing out your home decor accessories. Change out your faded pillow cushions for fresh, luxury designer pillows or switch out the art on your walls to more modern pieces.

How can I make my house feel like spring? ›

Refresh Your Home For Spring
  1. Bring in fresh flowers and plants to add color and life to your home.
  2. Change Out Winter Bedding.
  3. Create a Focal Point. Free Art Downloads.
  4. Change Your Front Door Wreath.
  5. Add Some Spring Scents to Your Home.
  6. Rearrange Your Space.
  7. Declutter & Organize.
  8. Lighting. cute little lamps!

How to decorate a room for spring? ›

“Update toss cushions with cheerful patterns, bring in vibrant hues of florals and greenery, and embrace the inviting scents of spring with fresh candles that awaken the senses and uplift the ambience,” she suggests.

How can I decorate my house in May? ›

How to Decorate Your Home for Spring (24 Simple Ideas)
  1. Add Sprigs of Spring Flowers in a Vase. ...
  2. Layer in Lightweight Throw Blankets. ...
  3. Spring Doormat. ...
  4. Display Tulips in a Basket. ...
  5. A Simple Spring Mantel. ...
  6. Spring Clean Furniture. ...
  7. Style Your Coffee Table. ...
  8. Make A Teacup Garden.
Mar 20, 2023

How to decorate front of house for spring? ›

Add Plants & Flowers to Your Spring Porch

Use plants & flowers: Plants and flowers are an essential element of a Spring porch decor. Use pots of Spring bulbs or planters of Spring flowers to add color and texture to your space. One thing I look forward to is seeing those pots of Spring flowers at the nursery!!

What makes spring a beautiful season? ›

One of the best parts of spring is that beautiful flowers begin to bloom again. It's wildflower season in many places, with hills and canyons dotted with bright florals. It's also cherry blossom season, and it's a joy to experience the beauty of those delicate pink flowers in full bloom.

What decorations for May? ›

May/June Decorations
  • Tumblr. ...
  • Front Door Decor, Spring Flowers in Metal Bucket. ...
  • Fresh Cut Spring Flowers in a Door Basket - The Inspired Room. ...
  • This item is unavailable | Etsy. ...
  • spring wreath Easter wreaths lily of the valley wreath front door decorations spring birch bark vases wreaths.

When should I decorate for spring? ›

From Winter to Spring

March is a good time to welcome the season of new beginnings with changes in your home decorations.

What makes a house more cozy? ›

If you are looking for one most effective way to cosy up your home, a bookshelf is a great choice. No matter what your vibe is, here are a few elements you could apply to any style: wood tones, real plants, matching book covers, a personal piece of décor, maybe a candle and a string of fairy lights.

How can I decorate my house to feel more happy and balanced? ›

20 Ways to Create a Happy Home [Even in Hard Times]
  1. PLAY MUSIC. ...
Mar 24, 2022

When should I start decorating for spring? ›

March is a good time to welcome the season of new beginnings with changes in your home decorations. Focus on a few design elements that you can easily refresh, such as color and texture. In spring, select pastel hues for your curtains, throw pillows, rugs, and sheets.

What is the app that lets you modify your house? ›

Houzz - Home Design & Renovation

Consider the Houzz app to be your one-stop shop for everything related to home remodeling and design. You can use the app to get renovation ideas, use the virtual reality tool to preview what components will look like in your home, and even hire or talk with pros with a single click.

How can I update my house without remodeling? ›

Simple Ways to Update a Dated Home
  1. ONE: Swap out your lightbulbs.
  2. TWO: Paint. Paint all the things.
  3. THREE: Swap out light fixtures.
  4. FOUR: Change out switches, outlets and covers.
  5. FIVE: Swap out hardware.
  6. SIX: Update your doors & trim.
  7. SEVEN: Add some wall treatment to your walls.
  8. EIGHT: Add some area rugs.
Jul 19, 2023

What are the spring colors for home decor? ›

Consider a natural look by pairing pale pink with white and green. Ivory serves as a transition shade while sage green is a complementary color. When arranging a spring centerpiece for your table, choose a light-colored flower like blush rose. Then, add baby's breath and wax flowers as fillers.


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